Farewell To A Blog About A Dog

After Matty’s death, I thought that I might continue this blog with the adventures of her companion Poppy; but the sad truth is that my heart isn’t in it, and so I am bringing A Spaniel Moment to a close. Thank you for reading it and following it. In the immediate future my new novel, ‘Fox’, is going to take up most of my time, so you may find me blogging about that on http://www.tomorrowsbooks.com and elsewhere. Farewell; Matty will live on in our hearts.


Published by

Anthony Gardner

Anthony Gardner is an Irish author and journalist based in London. He edits the Royal Society of Literature’s magazine RSL and has written for a wide variety of British, Irish and American magazines and newspapers, including the Sunday Times Magazine, Intelligent Life and Slightly Foxed. He was previously deputy editor of Harpers & Queen

2 thoughts on “Farewell To A Blog About A Dog”

  1. So sorry to read of Matty’s death. I can quite understand your wish not to continue with the blog. Losing a dear faithful friend is never easy. Our time with them is always precious and over too soon.


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